HID Omnikey 3021 USB Reader 4099

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  • OmniKey
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  • 4099
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The OMNIKEY® 3021 Reader is a portable, attractive and elegantly designed device suited for all contact smart card operations like online banking or digital signature applications. It is so small that it can fit inside an envelope!
Key Benefits
Compatible with any smart card: It can be easily distributed together with any smart card, including credit cards, eID cards or software for other applications involving online banking
Easy to install: With the USB CCID support, you can easily integrate it into an existing system by connecting the host and smart card reader. No need for additional drivers!
Readily compliant: It can be smoothly integrated into a PC environment as it is equipped to meet all relevant industry standards
Portable form factor: The unique size makes it an ideal reader for large-scale deployments and mass distribution
Suits any application: It is compatible with virtually any type of contact smart card, application software and major PC operating system
Small form factor: Designed with a small form factor to ensure that you can use it for desktop as well as mobile applications
Supports all major operating systems
Facilitates high speed data transmission
Meets major standards, including ISO 7816, EMVCo Terminal 1, USB CCID, PC / SC and HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface)
Operates with UPC barcode for easier logistics